2.5ton – 3.5ton Two Wheel Drive Rough Terrain


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Hangcha 2.5~3.5t rough terrain forklifts is a tough, compact forklift with a two-wheel drive system. It is based on XF series IC forklift truck. It is world renowned for superior performance, economy and longevity.
The new efficiency lighting system employs LED illuminant and new type reflector to reduce energy consumption, improve significantly illumination performance and prolong work time
Optimized designing structure to offer a good visibility and easy entrance of the pallet
The new designed steering wheel\ new brake system and the easy-to-operate levers provide total handling operation
The easy-to-open hook provides quick access to the engine compartment
The large, spacious cab of our new boasts left and right grab handles with wide-opening doors for easy access


Suspension hydraulic transmission with two forward gears and one reverse, providing higher speed and greater gradeability; Drive axle is equipped with wide-base and deep tread tires, enhanced brakes, bearings, differential with automatic locking function, as well as enhanced steering axle assembly providing ultimate traction during inclement weather conditions and rough operating surfaces.
In developing the rough terrain forklift, comfort and easy operation is always considered, for example, improved vibrating levels, compound engine damper and full floating seat and cabin are all applied. Comfortable also contribute to increased productivity and reduced the noise.
The cover on the Panel can be lifted up simply to check the brake fluid.
The new Dynamic load sensing hydraulic steering system contributes to reduce loss of hydraulic and improve energy efficiency.


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