Mini Series 1.5ton Powered Pallet Truck


Load Capcity


Lift Height

Lead Acid Battery

Drive Types


The A series pallet truck mini range III has been engineered to be both powerful and flexible to meet the requirements of many demanding applications. Whether it’s supermarket work, delivery service, stock replenishment or heavy manufacturing, the A series pallet truck mini range III has the strength and durability to minimise your total cost of ownership.
The ergonomic tiller head allows for easy opperation with one hand
Auxiliary wheels are equipped to have better stability
Modern outline design
Tandem load wheel


Make the operator feel comfortable, all the operation can be completed by one hand. Optimized designing structure to offer a good visibility and easy entrance of the pallet.
5-pivot design provide longer working life. Imported waterproof connectors, all wires and cables are protected, greatly improve the reliability of the electric system.
Three braking system of regenerative braking, reverse current braking, parking brake, insures the safe operation. Anti-slope on gradient can keep the safety.
Rated capacity 1500kg, meet the needs of the majority of customers. Powered by traction motor not only has good acceleration and perfect performance, but also low heat.