X Series 0.6ton – 1ton


Load Capcity


Lift Height


Drive Types


Hangcha’s X series 0.6-1.0t 3W electric forklifts are a new series of high-efficiency, energy-saving small-tonnage electric counterbalanced forklifts with a new structure that represents a breakthrough over the traditional design concept. With a compact structure, small turning radius and light weight and high maneuverability, the truck is widely used in narrow operation places, e.g., used for handling between floors, to and from elevators or in warehouses, supermarkets, workshops, etc.
Large and comfortable operation space
LED meter
Built-in charger
Lithium battery pack


The whole truck is small and flexible, adopting a combination of straight lines and streamlined curved surfaces, with a simple appearance and strong strength.
The angle of the steering wheel colunm is adjustable and the seat can be adjusted backwards and forwards, so that the operator can get a good ride experience.
The optimized design of the wide-view mast and the low dashboard enable a wide front view and higher safety, and minimizes the blind view to the greatest extent.
Full AC motors, precise speed control, maintenance-free , temperature monitoring.