XE Series 1.5ton – 3.8ton


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XE series lithium battery forklifts are high quality products developed by Hangcha on the basis of the advantages of “lithium battery special structure” and “permanent magnet synchronous technology”. It has two models, one is standard model and the other is heavy-duty model. Following the family design of electric forklifts, they are provided with some key parts compatible with internal combustion forklifts, and optimized mainly on the overall performance, ergonomics, reliability, maintenance, outdoor operation ability and load capacity in a bid to meet customers’ use scenarios of internal combustion forklifts. The heavy-duty model is capable of meeting the application demand of users in heavy-duty working conditions.
Double permanent magnet synchronous motor system.
Ergonomically designed forklift enables a wide view.
Ground clearance increased.


Following the family exterior design of XH and XC lithium battery forklifts; Boasting smooth and powerful contour lines, and simple and elegant vehicle body, and presenting both fashion and steadiness as a whole.
With the advantages of lithium battery forklifts, this ergonomically designed forklift enables a wide view and a large operation space. The color-screen instruments are designed to have clear and intuitive graphic interfaces. The optional electronic handbrake allows more comfortable driving experience.
Smooth travel: ground clearance increased, to adapt to outdoor rough roads; Flexible turning: turning radius reduced, to allow flexible shuttling in indoor environments such as cold store (optional); No fear of cold: the battery equipped with standard electric heating module, to ensure normal operation in cold weather; No fear of wind and rain: IPX4 for the whole forklift, to easily achieve water resistance of rainstorm level.
An efficient high-torque motor together with a high speed ratio gearbox significantly improves the travel speed, gradeability and lifting speed; The air-cooled fan built in the travel and lifting motors allow better heat dissipation and more thorough performance realization; Oil pump reducers are introduced in the oil pump devices for the first time, enabling the lifting motor to work in a more efficient and more energy-saving manner; The 80V double permanent magnet synchronous motor system allows higher power density, and through deep matching of the gearbox, motors and electronic controls, reduces the energy consumption by 15% to 20% than that of the traditional asynchronous motor models in the same working conditions.
The enhanced drive axle and gearbox with the mast, steering axles with tapered roller bearing (for the heavy-duty model) and big tires for internal combustion forklifts can meet the demand of application in heavy-duty working conditions; Low center of gravity and high load margin are designed for more stable working;


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An adaptable, durable, comfortable, and affordable material handling solution that can go anywhere and do anything. It is no doubt a perfect alternative to IC forklifts, with as high performance as IC forklifts while enjoying reduced noise, 0 emissions, and low total cost of ownership.