XE Series 4ton – 5ton


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XE series standard lithium battery forklifts are quality products that are developed on the basis of the advantages of the dedicated lithium battery forklift structure and the permanent magnet synchronous motor technology. Inheriting the family design of electric forklifts, some key parts can also be used for internal combustion forklifts.
Battery roll out easily
80V dual permanent magnet synchronous motor system


Inherit the family design of dedicated XH and XC series lithium battery forklifts. With a smooth and sturdy profile, the vehicle is compact, elegant, stylish and robust.
With the efficient high-torque motor and high speed ratio speed reducer, upslope degree and acceleration performance are significantly improved.
Inheriting the advantages of lithium battery forklifts—wide view, large operation space and excellent ergonomic design.
The gearbox reserves an installation position for electromagnetic brakes, which can be optionally equipped with an electronic handbrake for more comfortable use.
Large diameter steering wheel for flexible steering and more effortless operation.
Maintenance of the entire vehicle is convenient. The side door and front and rear bottom door can be removed without tools, and all maintenance parts are within easy reach.


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An adaptable, durable, comfortable, and affordable material handling solution that can go anywhere and do anything. It is no doubt a perfect alternative to IC forklifts, with as high performance as IC forklifts while enjoying reduced noise, 0 emissions, and low total cost of ownership.