XF2 Series 1.0ton – 3.5ton


Load Capcity


Load Lift Height


Drive Types
E series engine
Streamer LED taillights are developed and used to make the vehicle more ethereal with a strong high-tech impact.
The fully-suspended gearbox.


A vivid and sturdy exterior inheriting the classic design, embodying innovative ideas, and bringing a strong high-tech impact.
Optimized design provides outstanding visibility in all directions.
The fully-suspended gearbox, fully-suspended overhead guard, and fully-suspended seat realize three-stage vibration reduction to reduce vibration of the vehicle.
A wet axle is developed and used to significantly improve the reliability of the braking system and force transmission structural parts. (Wet brake, custom high-strength bolts, wheel side planetary reducer).
The new-generation high-efficiency energy-saving novel combination LED lighting system is energy-saving, while the performance and service life of the lights are significantly improved.


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XF2 series represent everything that HANGCHA IC forklift trucks have stood for – they are superior efficient, environmentally friendly, comfortable, reliable and safe.